7 Minute Workout is a scientifically designedHIIT Training” which consists of 12 workouts to be done in 7 minutes.

It is the preference of many busy CEOs like Jack Dorsey, Ceo of Twitter”.

The reason why busy professionals prefer 7-Minute Workout is because of its effectiveness in keeping people more energetic all day long without taking much of their time.

In just 7 minutes, you get cardio along with resistant weight training.

The breakdown of what we’ll cover in this article:

  • What is the 7-Minute Workout?
  • The Impact of Workout on Body & Mind.
  • Items required for the workout.
  • How to Do a 7-minute workout.
  • 7-Minute Workout Videos & Apps.

What is 7 Minutes Workout

This is a very popular exercise routine and this workout has been designed by two Exercise Scientists, Chris Jordan and Brett Klika.

All exercises have been combined considering to deliver a full-body effective workout in the least amount of time.

you do 12 snappy exercises for 30 secs each and with a 10-sec break in-between each exercise. Check out the video added to find-out the exercises.

The Impact of Workout on Body & Mind

You will experience an immense increase in your energy levels throughout the day, more clarity in thoughts.

It’s scientifically proven exercises increases serotonin levels and those who exercise stay more motivated and more focused.

This workout is extremely good for your cardiovascular health, it increases strength, & your muscle endurance.

It also helps in avoiding the very common body injuries due to long sittings, like back & neck pain.

So, you actually get more time out of your day by giving just 7 minutes to this exercise.

Items required for the Workout

All you need to do “7-minute exercise” is some space, a mat, a wall, and a chair. It does not require any weights because you use your own bodyweight to do all the exercises.

It can be easily done anywhere and can be a replacement workout for a gym if you are traveling and don’t have the leverage to hit the gym.

How to Do a 7-minute Workout

The 7 minutes workout consists of only 12 exercises to be done for 30 seconds, with 10-second breaks between each exercise.

These 12 exercises cover the workout for all the parts of the body: core, triceps, chest, and legs.

This is high-intensity training and supposedly be done at “High Intensity“. So you gotta push yourself on every single exercise until your body is breaking if you want to reap the best benefits of “7 Minute Workout“.

Also doing it in an open space where you can get fresh air is more beneficial because it transcends your mind too.

If you think 10 secs break between exercises is not enough for you then you can increase that time to 15 secs while working out with Apps mentioned below.

7 Minute Workout Video & Apps

You can follow this workout video and do your 7-minute workout.

Initially, it’s gonna be tough so don’t get de-motivated and push yourself to the best limit you can. Within a month or so you will start to find yourself a bit comfortable doing the workout.

Android App for “7 Minute Workout”

  1. 7 Minute Workout: The great thing about this app is it’s minimalistic and it has full “7-min workouts” designed especially for core, legs, butt, and i.e apart from main full-body “7-minute workout”.

It also has a monthly tracker to track which days you worked out and which work-out you did on those days.

It also tells you streak “How many days you worked out in continuity” and a small feedback loop it prompts at the end of workout “How did you felt about today’s workout”.

A feedback loop is pretty good if you are trying to build exercising as a new habit. Positive feedbacks re-enforce new habits very quickly.

Download For Android

IOS App for “7 Minute Workout”

  1. 7 Minute Workout:  This is also very clean in layout just like the 7-minute app of android with voice prompts and a person doing it with you, all that you need.

You don’t want any app with too many features because from my personal experience that distracts a lot form being focused on 1 workout and nailing it every day.

Having too many features creates confusion at the moment of workout and eventually, we start slipping from doing just 1 thing we absolutely need to do.

Download for IOS

In the fast-paced world when you are trying to squeeze another minute out of your time.

Make sure to take 7 minutes out for your body. And Believe me, your body will thank you in the long run.

7 Minutes Every Day — More Energy, More Endurance, Better Health.


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